Vote Wells Lyons November 3rd


I'm Wells Lyons, a West End resident, local small business owner and community leader. I'm a Democrat running for City Council who will work diligently to solve our most persistent problems. I'm running because I love the city we live in, and I'm troubled by the acceptance of the status quo when it comes to some of the challenging issues we face.

I believe Portland should be a city where people who want to kick their addictions can do so. I'm going to tackle our lack of heroin treatment options head on. Addiction affects everyone in the community - we need to save lives and reduce crime by increasing access to treatment and removing barriers to recovery.

I believe in a Portland where no one who wants to work should be out on the streets panhandling, and a city where those who can't work get the help they deserve. While other cities are effectively reducing homelessness and saving money by funding permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless, our City Council is moving too slowly. We need to replicate the successes of Florence House and Logan Place. And while we support those who need it, it's time we talked about our destination status as a city for panhandlers. A public education campaign that encourages people to give to organizations that get people off the streets, rather than to panhandlers, would have a huge impact. Text-to-donate signs in the downtown would raise funds and make a real difference. Instead of feeding addictions, we should be connecting people with the services they need.

Finally, I believe in a Portland where those who want to open a small business have the support of local government. I'll be a strong advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I'm a local small business owner, and my company, Rogue Industries, is a member of Portland Buy Local. I'll work to make sure we're doing everything we can to grow Portland's reputation as a start up hub, and a city where people can make a living and enjoy our quality of life. If you're an entrepreneur who wants to start a small business, I'll help you.

I will bring my dedication and values to the chamber, and will work diligently to solve our most pressing problems. I’d be honored to serve you on the Portland City Council. 

“Wells has been involved in improving our neighborhood for years. He can be trusted to represent Portland’s values on the city council.” - David LaCasse, High Street