Vote Wells Lyons November 3rd


Hi, I'm Wells Lyons and I'm running to be your District 2 Councilor on the Portland City Council. I'm a West End resident, small business owner, and community leader.

I'm running to provide effective solutions to our most pressing problems. Portland's heroin epidemic is destroying our city. We need to increase access to treatment, and promote collaboration between law enforcement and the recovery community. We are losing friends and neighbors every week to this disease. We must do better. 

We also need to address the panhandling surge that our city is experiencing. There are no easy answers, but other cities have improved outcomes in ways that are constitutional, respectful and effective. It's time we had a heart to heart about this issue, because the status quo isn't working - not for our neighborhoods, and not for the people out there asking for money. 

I'm interested in working on the hard issues facing our city, because they're the ones that need to be addressed. 

I'll bring much needed focus and energy to Portland's City Council. You know we could use it!